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" in a state of nature, not cultivated, stormy, furious, rash, extravagant, excited, unrestrained, tempestous, eager, frantic, enthusiastic, random, feral, free, untamed, undomesticated, uncontrollable, turbulent, unihibited, unfettered, delightfully enjoyable..."

Spinning a new thread every month...

about the things that matter most -- creating a better world, word by word, woman by woman

Sharing some of the poems and creative voices that rose up directly out of the global #MeToo campaign on social media around the world at the end of 2017. With Guest Spotlight on the #MeToo: A Women's Poetry Anthology, published by Fair Acre Press.

Founded in 1999 to publish the Wild Women Poets, it continues to evolve as the heart takes it. Often it is quiet. When stirred, it howls loudly. Sometimes, the wild way is the right way.

A collaboration of 41 artists in a fascinating inversion of the ubiquitous male gaze. Featuring stunning nude photo portraits of male poets, shot by female photographers, inspired by poems written by female poets.

In 1999, Victoria Bennett sent out call to women to come and celebrate their Wild Woman, share food, make art, and maybe write poems. Two decades on and they are still celebrating.

A monthly blog space connecting wild women from around the world, sharing thoughts, ideas, and insights about the things that matter most to them...creating a better world, thread by thread and word by word.