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A page honouring some of the voices that have arisen from the

#MeToo movement. Follow the paths to discover more...

a women's poetry anthology

Featuring 80 poets from around the world, this anthology holds over 100 poems that rally against sexual assault and harrassment with courage, beauty, rage, and grace. Edited by Deborah Alma, Foreword by Jess Phillips, MP, and published by Fair Acre Press.

voices from the #MeToo movement

One book was never going to be big enough for all the brave poems submitted to the anthology. #UsTogether is a collaboration with Deborah Alma and Fair Acre Press, to offer an online platform for some of the poems that could not fit in the book, in celebration of their courage and creativity.

What We Now Know
a music and VR collaboration
inspired by
#MeToo: a women's poetry anthology

What We Now Know - a creative collaboration inspired by #MeToo: A Women's Poetry Anthology. Video created by Adam Clarke & Victoria Bennett of The Common People. Written & recorded by Beth Porter & Ben Please of The Bookshop Band. Video created using Google Tilt Brush software. 


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